the bunnies are toooo chill to have grand goals. we like to keep it simple and straightforward... by doing just that, we're creating one of the largest brands in web3. Buds Bunnies NFTs share a 33% participation pool from our brand partnerships.

The Buds Pass is our V.I.P ticket giving you access to Buds Bunnies Club. inside, you can find precious buds that play a big role in our project.

more buds = more chill

*Buds Bunnies holders will be occasionally rewarded with Buds Passes.

Supply 0 / 2420

1 - Buds Bunnies mint & Major Brand Partnership

2 - The Buds Pass claim

3 - free merch

4 - TBA

The end of one journey is only the beginning of another one... The Buds Bunnies Club embarks on new adventures but not before giving back to the community.

  • Hyperactive Buddy

    Project Manager

  • Artsy Buddy

    Lead Graphics Designer

  • OCD Buddy

    Fullstack Puffer

  • Stoned Buddy

    Back End

  • WebMasterrabit

    Front End

  • Fun Bun

    NFT Consultant

  • High Buddy

    Community Manager

- did someone say chill?

- chances are hiiiiigh

- because its awesome

- I think, therefore, I chill.

- ngmi

- Fluffy Puffy is our courier that takes care of buds n stuff